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A bit more about private tour guides & owners 
Martin & Joan:

"We adopted Boston as our home town after falling for it's history, culture, lively atmosphere, restaurants and nightlife.  Originally from Ireland and Scotland, we loved it when friends and family visited cause it gave us the chance to show off the area.   Over the years we so enjoyed being informal tour guides, we left our day jobs and made it our profession.  

As proud foodies, we're always out and about enjoying dinner, drinks and live music.  We have a few favorite haunts, but like checking out new places, considering it our "tour research" and love passing on tips and suggestions as part of the service.​​

We've built up a massive amount of historic and local knowledge and just keep adding to it with topical stories and fun facts.   We incorporate all this in fun and interesting ways, telling stories of the area in our lighthearted and upbeat touring style.... "


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